3 Steps Forward, 1 Step Back

Healthy living did not result in a healthier me. BUT…understanding DISH enabled me to benefit from the same methods which previously did not work for me! 

Manually correcting the glitch in my DISH has enabled me to live twelve plus years past my expiration date.


Who Am I?

I have lived 12 plus years past my expiration date.

What Do I Know?

It is a simple concept, but NOT easy.

When Did I Learn?

It took five years to figure it out, five more to fine tune it.

Where Have I Been?

I have used both Modern and Alternative Medicine.

Why I Think It Works?

I looked at the same information from a different angle.

How Does It Work?

I helped my body do what should have been automatic.

Be Brave Enough to Take One More Try

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    I know it sometimes hurts when hoping for something to finally work when struggling with health challenges.  But I want to give you hope anyway.