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Hi, I am back! I apologize for the long absence. I needed time to regroup my thoughts and action plans. If you suffer from chronic fatigue at all, you understand the way to get things done is to only focus on one thing at a time.
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Hi, I am back!

I apologize for the long absence. I needed time to regroup my thoughts and action plans. 

If you suffer from chronic fatigue at all, you understand the way to get things done is to only focus on one thing at a time. Well, because of the chaos going on during the fall of 2019 and the spring of 2020, I felt compelled to write my blog to get the basic information into the world, just in case anybody cared to know about it. I believe this introvert wasn’t quite ready to peel back the cover of what I do in a very real and personal way. Because I admit, it sounds weird! It doesn’t sound possible. How could it be that simple? Well, it is and isn’t. But I continued testing it, and it continued working. Finding the missing pieces is difficult though. 

On top of that, the main challenge came. I got to thinking about how bad I was at my worst, about how I couldn’t be on a computer looking for answers. The electricity and radiation would make me too weak and sickly…and oh the headaches that would ensue! But, but…I did read books. Many books. 

At this point, I realized I needed to put my thoughts in a book first. Back in 2020, I still needed to limit how often I was on the computer, and I still had occasional days when I needed to avoid it altogether to stay symptom-free. I had to choose. I decided to focus on the book and worry about the blog later. 

Long time,

no post.

Acknowledging the Pause

During my three-year break, many things happened. I feel strange starting many of these statements with an ‘I,’ because I’m writing this blog for you. I struggle daily with deciding if I want to share or leave the information I learned behind and forget about it all. But I would then feel guilty for not even giving you the knowledge of knowing you have a choice. What you choose is up to you. But shame on me if I don’t tell you there are options. 

Notebook paper, pen, and scrunched up paper

The ten big milestones during my Break.

  1. I published a few books.
  2. I grew in confidence about what I knew.
    • I was able to test my idea even more. 
    • I found even more answers that followed the same pattern as before!
  3. It created a strong desire to point a person to answers.
    • I believe ‘we don’t know what we DON’T know’ and this very well may be what it is that we do not know.
    • I also believe ‘we don’t know what we DO know’ and we can take this known information far with this new idea in mind.
  4. I needed to learn other skills.
    • Being out of the workforce for so long, I really didn’t have the money to hire help with each new step of the way; and each step was intertwined with the next step.
    • I needed to learn each new skill of what to do before doing it: building a website, writing, publishing, promoting, emails, funnels, and more. Ugh! 
  5. Blogging isn’t easy.
    • So much learned fear to overcome. Will anybody really care to know or listen?
    • Not being forced to share. I could just walk away since my health is better. Should I really take the time to do this?
  6. I was overthinking it.
    • Hostile world: I was shocked at how the world behaved and drew lines during C-19. Did I even want to jump into that ocean?
    • I was afraid I would express myself incorrectly. 
  7. I’m further down my health journey.
    • The thought of committing the amount of time the gurus suggested was intimidating. 
    • I wasn’t sure if I could trust my body yet to help me to be able to be consistent with any given schedule of posting. 
  8. Working on a way to share what I know.
    • I know I’m not a doctor – so why believe me? Do I have to share the painful parts to prove I’ve been there?
    • I don’t know what you do and don’t know. Where do I start so you, my reader, can stay on board and not be overwhelmed?
  9. Working on figuring out a system.
    • I know what worked for me, so how do I figure out a repeatable system for others?
    • How do I teach this without it being medical advice? It needs to be about the system, and the formula, not the individual examples. 
  10. I understand it will take time. I’ll wait
    • New views are difficult to accept. They should be. They need to be tested.
    • I’m doing this as organically as possible. A quote I heard almost a decade ago is paraphrased here, ‘Nothing can save a bad book, but if a book is good enough, nothing can stop it.’ I am looking forward to how this idea will play out.
Notebook paper, pen, and scrunched up paper

Back to Work

I hope you have been able to find me during your search for answers. I also hope I have given you hope to press on and to keep up the good fight. I desire to share myself with truly meaningful content and consistency. I plan to share my information with whoever wants to listen here on my blog, in my newsletter, on social media (until they ban me), and in subsequent books. With all that said, I am taking all the pressure off of myself to get my message to everybody all at once. If I die tomorrow, at least the most important part will be done. I was able to challenge people to think differently when looking for answers by getting the information in my head onto the pages of Health Backwards.

Stay in the fight.

You are worth it.

Be Brave Enough to Take One More Try

I know it sometimes hurts when hoping for something to finally work when struggling with health challenges.  But I want to give you hope anyway.  

Cyndi Whatif
Cyndi Whatif

I am a patient turned author and guide. I share my hypothesis of an overlooked complementary body system which I believe determines whether or not a person has the opportunity to be well.

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