COVID-19 vs. Black Death? Are we making the same mistake again?

What if amid the Covid-19 chaos, we decided to look for new answers in unusual places? Maybe we are not asking the right question.
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During the Black Death plague that spread across Europe between 1346-1353, cats and rats were wrongfully blamed.  Since cats were often seen around the homes of plague victims, people started associating cats with the spread of the sickness. They began to kill the cats.  Their focus was in the wrong place.

Scientists now believe the cause of Black Death was the bacterium Yersinia pestis.  The cats and rats were infested with fleas. The fleas carried the bacterium.  When the fleas bit humans, the bacterium was transmitted, thus causing the illness.

Poor kitty. The rats…meh. 

What if we are doing something like that again with this Covid-19?  What if our focus is in the wrong place?

I am throwing caution to the wind here.  Part of me says, just be quiet, nobody wants to knowIt will take too much of a paradigm shift.  But what if?  What if during my own decade of health challenges, I accidentally figured out something that could be helpful to other people too?

I feel like I am a tiny goldfish about to throw myself into the ocean by approaching this subject.  I know there are MANY big fish that would love to eat me up.  But, with that being said, I still want to share what I know…just in case anybody cares to hear.  I can’t make people listen, nor change their minds.  But I do have the ability to share my story.  With this virus affecting the world SO MUCH, what if what I knew could help and I did nothing?   

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Could there be a simple answer?

I’m pretty sure we can all agree on the following statement. Life as we know it has stopped.  Can we get it back?  Does the answer have to be complicated? Should we refuse to consider a simple answer?

I think people feel helpless.  When helplessness sets in, I think the only thing a person can do is find what situations they can control.  Focus the efforts there.  For those of us who don’t work for the CDC, we focus on our daily lives. 

For those who are trying to put an end to the pandemic, the focus should be on a cure.  Why?  Because it’s obvious we can’t control the spread. 

This however seems to me to be where the disconnect is.  A cure.  A cure to kill the virus?  The virus isn’t what is killing us.  According to Dr. Duc C. Vuong, what is killing us is our bodies reaction to killing the virus.

In his video he talked about when the cells die (15:05).  He says the problem is the inflammatory response of these cells dying that is killing us. Our immune systems response to the virus is what is killing us.  The drugs that are being considered for treatment are immune suppressing drugs. 

Simple cure? of course not

- is the initial response

How could there be a simple answer to a difficult question like Covid-19?  But is that being close minded?  Who would think something as horrible as scurvy just needed vitamin C?

I am no doctor, but I listen to doctors.  I believe they know what they are talking about.  I know people are dying from this.  Dr. Duc C. Vuong has a video on YouTube called, How Covid-19 Kills—I’m a surgeon—and Why We Can’t Save You. (Mar. 23, 2020)

What he said, made me think about what I’ve been dealing with and learning about my health over the last ten years. 

“First do no harm.”

But what if our response was

‘maybe, it is worth a try’

In Epidemics, Book I, of the Hippocratic school, it states “Practice two things in your dealings with disease:  either help or do not harm the patient.”  It is an oath, I believe, that many doctors take.  “First do no harm.” 

I hear in the news about the ones who are most susceptible to this virus.  They have compromised health to begin with.  So if their bodies are having a hard time already trying to be healthy, why burden their system more with medication IF there is another way.  Or what if by doing one simple thing BEFORE the medication, it enables the body to be strong enough to fight and pull through?

Sometimes to clear a hurdle, we only need just one more inch. What if just going one step further is all it takes to help people pull through with what doctors are already doing?

Be Brave Enough to Take One More Try

I know it sometimes hurts when hoping for something to finally work when struggling with health challenges.  But I want to give you hope anyway.  

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Is it a magician’s trick?

The power the magician has over a spectator is the ability to control where the spectator is looking.  

Is that what is happening now? 

Look Here…

Let’s vaccinate everyone.

The facts seem to fluctuate back and forth here.  I’m not sure where it stands at the time of this post of whether or not a vaccination is even possible.  Why would it be?  It is not the cure all.  Has it ever been?

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Will a vaccination work?

I roll my eyes at places that claim, “Vaccines, of course, have eradicated tons of deadly illnesses throughout history, from the MUMPS  (emphasis added) to smallpox and polio and much more.”  


Eradicate?  Really!?!

“In 2016, there were several outbreaks of MUMPS (emphasis added) in the US among populations that were already highly vaccinated against the disease, including at Harvard University, where more than 40 people contracted the virus.”


So like the movie, The Princess Bride, when Inigo Montyio says, “You keep using that word.  I do not think it means what you think it means.”

What if vaccines only comfort us with…

a false sense of security?

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Waiting game until then?

Let’s pretend that a vaccination is possible.   What until then?  Just let people die? Have the World stay in a holding pattern?  Does the answer have to wait for a vaccination? If vaccinations are the answer to the problem, how long is the wait going to be?

As of right now, they are rushing this vaccination research.  18 months from start to finish is the fastest it can be.  Some companies are even mass producing unapproved vaccines in hopes of later approval to cut down on waiting time. https://www.uchealth.org/today/coronavirus-vaccines-101-what-you-need-to-know/

I’m sorry, I have to mention the elephant in the room.  Am I the only one who watched I am Legend?  If truth is stranger than fiction as the saying goes, I do NOT want to see the reality of the counterpart of that fictional movie!  I am a little concerned.

How long will we need to wait?

“The AIDS vaccine has been worked on for 20 years or more, for example, and it’s still not out,” says Dr. Zervos. “But other vaccines have been developed more quickly than that, and our hope is that this one (Covid-19) will be ready in 18 months, although there’s always the possibility it doesn’t work and you have to start over.” 


elephant in a room

Why are we focused on a vaccination?

Let’s go back to the beginning, we want a cure for what is killing people.  What is killing people?  The inflammatory response to fighting the virus.  The inflammatory response. 

This inflammatory response is not only the problem for this illness, but there are many autoimmune diseases that are also due to inflammatory responses.

What if we target the inflammatory response instead?

Look Here…

Use these drugs.

What about medications?  The medications that are being studied the most to help is the immune suppressing drugs.  Stop the immune response.  Stop the inflammation. 

So to fight this virus...

don’t fight this virus?

The Irony

During this lock down, I see and hear how many people are using this time to better themselves.  Some are using it as an opportunity to ‘Get Back in Shape.’

I find it ironic that people are engaging in activities to boost their immune system when, in fact, others are fighting over drugs to suppress their immune systems!

I know inflammation is a serious thing, especially when it comes to the lungs.  I had a son in Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) for six weeks on a ventilator partly because of inflammation.  It is a serious ordeal.  It does kill people.

BUT, what if instead of thinking about how to stop the inflammation, what if you thought about how to avoid the inflammation all together?  So the real question is why is there inflammation?

Be Brave Enough to Take One More Try

I know it sometimes hurts when hoping for something to finally work when struggling with health challenges.  But I want to give you hope anyway.  

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Are we looking for answers in the wrong place?

If we could figure out the missing part of this inflammation problem, we could possibly figure out many health problems caused by inflammation.  The current belief for autoimmune disorders in general is that they cannot be cured, but the condition can be controlled by reducing inflammation.

I know there is a lot of documented research with all the technical words that go with it that can make the average person’s head spin.  But what if, just IF, there was something we were missing that could greatly reduce this inflammation?

I know this is easier said than done.  But, I found something strange that worked for me.  Over and over again, it worked for me.  Could it work for others as well?

What if we are looking at this problem in the wrong way?  I’m not pointing fingers or saying anyone chooses a method that doesn’t work on purpose. But when something like this pandemic hits so quickly we seem to go into a collective tailspin and everything gets blurry.  

Anti-inflammatory = Immune suppressant

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Why does the immune system need suppressed?

What if this inflammatory response was actually the body’s way of trying to slow down?  What if the immune suppressing drugs worked because they did the same thing, but more intensely?

Why does it need slowing down?  If there is something bad in the body and the body wants it out, why does it want to slow down the eliminating process? 

What if there was a ‘mystery’ body system failure that we did not see happen when the immune system was overburdened with for example, this illness.

What if at some point, the illness bound itself to something the body needed and was now forcing out that necessary nutrient with the illness?  What if the body’s inflammatory response was the body trying to put on the brakes so to speak to try to hold onto the nutrient the body was rejecting?

I explain this idea in much more detail on my website page, How Does It Work.  

But, let’s just say what if…

We don’t know WHAT we don’t know.

a question mark inside of a quadrilateral with the choices of yes, no, and maybe

How to apply what I know towards this illness

I am not in the battlefield, nor have I been there for THIS particular illness. But as I said before, maybe what I know could help, maybe it can’t.  I just want to share what I know with whoever wants to listen.

The thing about ‘facts’ is that they seem to change, to evolve.  And with this illness, they seem to take all kinds of forms and are continually changing as we learn more about it.

But lets just step back from the uniqueness of this illness, and focus on just one thing.  Let’s focus on the idea of inflammation being caused by a ‘break down’ in our ‘sorting system’ to where the body is trying to remove the good with the bad. 

How would this apply based on what I have heard about Covid-19?  Well, according to the video I referred to earlier [Dr. Duc C. Vuong’s YouTube video called, How Covid-19 Kills—I’m a surgeon—and Why We Can’t Save You. (Mar. 23, 2020, at the top of this post], (15:05) Dr. Vuong said when the cell dies, there is a huge inflammatory response.  Your immune systems response is what kills you.  Your own body trying to save you ends up killing you.

(17:04) It then turns to pneumonia (ARDS).  Other organs start to fail. 

Winston Churchill was quoted saying, “The longer you look back, the farther you can look forward.”  Well, let’s look at the beginning of this crisis.  People saw being placed on a ventilator as a death sentence.  We were told that the c-pap machine was more effective than the ventilators for survival rate. 

Could what happens when a person is placed on the ventilator be the cause of increased mortality?

For example, when my son was placed on a ventilator, the medical staff would have an x-ray done to insure proper tube placement.  He had a minimum of an x-ray a day for over a month because of this ventilator. 

“The longer you look back, the farther you can look forward.”

~ Winston Churchill

According to the EPA fact sheet, Cobalt 60 is widely used as a medical source of radiation.  (semspub.epa.gov>work)  But, regular cobalt is also essential for the body.  You can become anemic if you do not have enough.  You will be unable to oxygenate your organs properly.  https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/288832

So, not enough cobalt could cause low oxygen levels and organ failure?  Do you see what I see?

What does that mean? 

If I am correct, and this ‘sorting system’ malfunctions, the body is confused.  It may be rejecting essential nutrients with harmful stuff.  It may not be able to discern the difference from cobalt 60 and beneficial cobalt that the body needs. 

To make matters worse, this ‘sorting system’ failure would include many factors. 

Be Brave Enough to Take One More Try

I know it sometimes hurts when hoping for something to finally work when struggling with health challenges.  But I want to give you hope anyway.  

What would I do?

I would do what I have been doing over the past decade of my life.  I would manually do this sorting system for my body.  You can read about WHY I think I needed to do this on my website, Desperatetobewell.com. I explain what I think the Possible Problem is. 

It sounds crazy, but it has worked for me.  I am regaining my health one day at a time.  I will be having my 52nd birthday here in a few months.  (I was told when I was 40 that I had a life expectancy of 38-42. Ugh!)  So, I guess you could say, I think it is working for me.  In fact, my previous condition is now a “non-issue” according to my doctor’s appointment in 2016.

By doing this manual sorting, I have been able to significantly reduce my inflammation within hours on multiple occasions.  I have personally done this with cobalt, collagen, strontium, and a few others. 

information, questions, help

Yes, there is a catch.   

It is simple, but not easy.

I explain this in more detail on my website pages, Is It Fixable and Other Complications.  In a way it feels like I am trying to run the gauntlet.  A difficult task, but once I got the hang of it, not so difficult. 

In a nutshell...

  • I would remind myself to start with small steps. The bigger the problem, the smaller the steps.
  • I would ask myself what is the main problem or deficiency? That would be my TARGET. If I had an x-ray, it would be cobalt & collagen.  (I’ve learned that somehow radiation effects my bodies collagen levels.) 
  • At this point, if I was targeting a nutrient, I would have to avoid it in my diet for the next 50 hours. (I’ve tried shortening this time, but it never worked.  50 hours!)
  • I would get any medication or supplements I was currently taking (the OTHER items) and place them in contact with my body. All except the TARGET ones.
  • I would hold these OTHER items for 30 minutes. (Occasionally, I included essential oils or homeopathic remedies to help strengthen my body.)
  • I would then put the TARGET items in contact with my body.
  • I would then slowly remove the OTHER items one at a time, stretching it over about 30 minutes. (Removing essential oils and homeopathic remedies last, if they were included.)
  • I would then consider rubbing it on only my back on just the side with the strongest lung. (I would AVOID getting it on my spine; it would be too much at once if I included the nervous system too.)
  • I would wait 4-6 hours and then apply it to my other side, still avoiding the spine.
  • After 25 hours have gone by, since the first application, I would then apply this TARGET mixture on the front side of my chest on the spot that is called LU-1 in acupuncture. (For the stronger lung, nowhere else.)
  • I would wait 4-6 hours and then apply it to my other LU-1, still avoiding everywhere else.
  • Once 50 hours have passed since the beginning of this process, it was now safe to consume (sometimes in large quantities) the TARGET nutrient. BUT, I MUST keep the TARGET within contact of me – or up to 6 inches from my body at all times.
  • I would then over the course of several days, apply it to other areas for other organs using the same process. (Probably the kidneys first.)
  • If my kidneys were particularly burdened, I would even consider holding phosphoric acid and/or cortisol with my TARGET items after the initial 50 hours.  

Well, as I said, people are complicated.  No two people are alike.  

This is NOT MEDICAL advice for anybody.  I’m just sharing a short summary of the process I did.

I know it sounds crazy,

but it worked for me. 


Since we are dealing with a new strain of this virus, maybe we should try looking at winning against it in a new way.  Do you think the focus is in the right place?  

Be Brave Enough to Take One More Try

I know it sometimes hurts when hoping for something to finally work when struggling with health challenges.  But I want to give you hope anyway.  

Cyndi Whatif
Cyndi Whatif

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