HOW I Ate with Many Food Allergies

It is about How, by changing my eating routine, I was able to eliminate my food allergies. If I assumed D.I.S.H. was true, I made progress.
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This article is NOT about what to eat, but about HOW to eat.  It is about HOW, by changing my eating routine, I was able to eliminate my food allergies.

At one point in my life, I was daily developing new food allergies.  It got so bad that I just decided not to eat.  So, I didn’t.  I didn’t eat for a month.  (Not recommended.)  But I was just mentally exhausted from the different physical reactions food induced on me.  It ranged from rashes, to tingling legs, to slurred speech, to throat swelling, to anaphylaxis.  I was tired and I was hungry.

What I ate one day without a reaction was definitely no guarantee to be safe to eat the next time.  Frustrated, hungry, and at my wits end, I stumbled across a process that worked for me. 

This process not only enabled me to eat, but it enabled me to remove my food allergies as well!  

Be Brave Enough to Take One More Try

I know it sometimes hurts when hoping for something to finally work when struggling with health challenges.  But I want to give you hope anyway.  

a small cluster of flowers protected by an upside down jar

D.I.S.H.: Defensive Individual Shield Hypothesis©

DISH is a hypothesis I came up with after struggling to regain my health for over a decade.  It came about out of desperation.  When my doctors told me they didn’t know how to help someone THAT sensitive to her diet, what could I do?  I had to eat something.

I even tried N.A.E.T. (Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Techniques) But the acupuncturists couldn’t even get it to where I could eat the rice to follow the beginning diet.  I tried this more than once.  According to her book, an average of two-thirds of her patients had success and their problems were resolved within their first fifteen visits.  I so wanted N.A.E.T. to work.  It didn’t.

In a nutshell, this idea of DISH is the thought that the body ‘radiates a frequency field’ around itself.  This shield has two tasks: shield the body and sort what the body encounters.  By presuming the idea of DISH affecting my diet as well as the other areas of my life, I started following a few principles whenever I ate.

joy, victory, success

DISH©: Defensive Individual Shield Hypothesis

DISH© is a concept and term I came up with.  It has two jobs.  

  1. Shield the Body
  2. Sort what the Body Encounters

When DISH© is doing its job, I am winning against my health challenges.  When it is NOT doing its job, I am losing.  

♦♦ It’s that simple. ♦♦

(But not easy. I needed to manually do what my body should have been doing.)

I am not going to go into detail of what all DISH means and how I came up with this concept.  I want this article to be focused on just how it enabled me to eat when I had so many food allergies.  (I do explain DISH in detail on my webpage, Possible Problem if you are interested.)

Remember, what I am going to share is when I was at my worst.  It is what I had to do to be able to eat without reactions.  I do not know if it is what you have to do or if it will help you.  I just want to share my information so that you can add it to the information you already have.

the number 6

Six Factors I Needed to Keep in Mind

If this principle of DISH applied, then not only what I ate but everything leading up to that point mattered as well. This led to many questions, starting with these first six factors.

This is what I HAD to do...
But NOW no longer need to!

Be Brave Enough to Take One More Try

I know it sometimes hurts when hoping for something to finally work when struggling with health challenges.  But I want to give you hope anyway.  

Systematically eliminating my food allergies AFTER: Altering Fields to Enable Recovery A table with a wide variety of food on it

My Food

1. How was my food stored?

My doctor instructed me to not eat any leftovers, period.  But I started to wonder if it was the leftovers, or how the leftovers were stored. Aluminum foil, plastic container, or plastic wrap?  And if so, what about before they were leftovers? 

What?  I know…

This did not mean that the food was off limits, but it did mean I needed to think about the packaging.  The packaging was a factor that needed to be included in ‘the ritual’, for lack of a better word.  But, I’ll get to that momentarily.

Most of my food was package free at this point.  But when I did need to store it, what worked best for me was storing it in a glass bowl with plastic wrap across the top, not touching the food.  I also found glass storage containers with plastic lids to be very helpful.  I would peel several carrots and store them for easy food when I needed it.

several bottles of bottled water

Be Brave Enough to Take One More Try

I know it sometimes hurts when hoping for something to finally work when struggling with health challenges.  But I want to give you hope anyway.  

2. How was my food prepared?

I needed to remember that it was all about energy fields.  What was I allowing my food to touch?  In the beginning, I remember thinking, I must be crazy.  If somebody saw what I was doing and didn’t understand why I was doing it, they would think I was crazy.  Heck, I thought I was crazy.  I wasn’t sure if it was going to work. I had nothing to lose.  But, it did work!  Better than I imagined it would. 

a. Prepping my food

For me, I could use the hard wood cutting board, but if I used the bamboo cutting board, I would need to leave it next to me while I ate.  (Why? Don’t know, don’t care, at this point.) I just needed to be aware of it impacting me.  In fact, it needed included in ‘the ritual’ for about two months. 

Was I using a plastic, metal, or wooden spoon? 
If metal, what was it made of?
The food processor – it had a metal blade and an acrylic hopper.  Same with the juicer. But the metal on the juicer was different than the metal in the blender, etc. 

Do yo get the picture?

Getting a little ahead of myself, but during this prepping time, sometimes I would just need to be aware of what all the food came into contact with.  Other times, it needed to be next to me when I ate.  

I guess I followed my gut to some extent with which one to do.  

My Food

1. How was my food stored?

  • Plastic
  • Aluminum foil
  • Tinted glass

2. How was my food prepared?

  • Non stick coating
  • Aluminum foil
  • Stainless steel
  • Cast iron
  • Glass
  • Tinted glass

3. How many ingredients?

  • The more limited the better (In the beginning)
  • 3-5 per meal, including spices
b. Cooking my food

I know it is up for debate about whether or not non-stick coating (whatever chemical they choose to call it) is or isn’t safe.  You decide for yourself. (See article here.)

The parameters for cooking with non-stick coating are:

  • Cook in a well-ventilated room
  • Avoid going above a certain temperature
  • Make sure none of the coating chips off into your food
  • Here is the article of how to cook with Teflon, click here.

Well, you have got to raise an eyebrow to those guidelines. (I hope.)  When so sensitive, why chance it?

I personally cook with stainless steel pots and iron skillets only.

Cooking with iron skillets was a skill that needed learned. But, when the pans are properly taken care of, they are the easiest thing to cook with AND to clean up afterwards! And they won’t wear out. I am still using the ones I bought in 2000. Initial cost is more expensive than other pans, but I didn’t need to replace them every couple of years.

Was I cooking over briquets?  Did I use charcoal lighter fluid?  Natural gas or electric?  Regardless of what I used or how I cooked, these were all factors that needed to be considered.

3. How many ingredients?

In the beginning I tried to keep the ingredients to 3-5 per meal, including the spices.  The goal here was to have to include as few factors as possible.  And as you will see, everything was a factor. 

picture of three cast iron skillets

Be Brave Enough to Take One More Try

I know it sometimes hurts when hoping for something to finally work when struggling with health challenges.  But I want to give you hope anyway.  

My Environment

4. What was I eating with?

I needed to be aware of what my eating utensils and dinnerware were made of. 

Plastic was a HUGE allergen for me.  It may be for others as well.  My plate could not be made of plastic, acrylic (which looks significantly like glass these days), or Styrofoam.  (Click here for more information about Styrofoam.)

Stoneware, Pyrex, china, paper?  For me, stoneware was the safest. 

Utensils.  Again with the plastic for me.  And for me, the color of plastic mattered as well.  White was safest, but I didn’t even do that until I felt strong enough to adventure out and focus on removing that allergy. (Too complicated to explain here.)  Cheaper utensils contained aluminum.  Stainless steel was everywhere.  Safe for most people, but not me.

a variety of different colored plastic spoons

5. Where was I eating?

Is my table made of real wood?  If the top of the table was made of real wood, what about the underside?  Was it exposed particle board and wood glue?  (For dangers of particle board article, click here.) Just because something looked like wood, it didn’t mean it was.  They have gotten very good at making it look the same. 

Was I eating outside, in my car, with the television on, next to vinyl flooring? What were all those things around me?  Good or bad, it didn’t matter.  They were all possible factors.  It, of course, was better to be on the side of good.  The fewer the factors the better.  It was the easiest way to make the most progress in the beginning.  It kept the hurdle low, so to speak.

Do you get the picture? Everything was a factor.  Everything needed to be considered. 

My Environment

4. What was I eating with?

  • What is my plate made of?
  • What is my utensils made of?
  • What is my glass or cup made of?

5. Where was I eating?

  • What is my chair made of?
  • What is my table made of?
  • Am I indoors or outdoors?
  • Am I sitting by the computer?
  • Do I have the television on?

6. What supplements or medication was I currently taking?

  • Gather all supplements
  • Gather all medication
  • Homeopathic & herbs too
  • I know, the table got pretty crowded in the beginning.
Systematically eliminating my food allergies AFTER: Altering Fields to Enable Recovery A table with a wide variety of food on it
It states, the less there is the easier it is to start and finish

6. What supplements or medication was I currently taking?

By now you probably have a pretty good idea I’m stressing the point that EVERYTHING was a factor.  So, of course, ANYTHING I was currently taking needed to be included. 

This meant doctor prescribed medication, homeopathic remedies, supplements, and the syringe used for shots.  Just by looking at a syringe, you can see there is plastic, ink, the stopper, the needle, and what is in it.  These mental connections were necessary for me.  By just being consciously aware of the different connections different items had with each other was helping my body to know how to deal with them. 

I would like to mention here that even though I had not taken drug _______ for over a decade, within a week of doing this, I needed to start including it in what I have coined ‘The Batch.’

In a nutshell, what a batch consisted of was deliberately placing all of these factors into a group and waiting it out.  This waiting period does range from 20 minutes to two years. (Yeah, BIG gap, it depended on what the problem was.)

In the beginning,
the fewer factors the better.

Be Brave Enough to Take One More Try

I know it sometimes hurts when hoping for something to finally work when struggling with health challenges.  But I want to give you hope anyway.  

breakfast, healthy, food

My Eating Ritual

Remember, it is energy fields.  If you think for a moment in order for food to be considered gluten free it needs to have less than 20 parts per million to be considered gluten free.  That is .002 % concentration!  1/50,000 of a piece! 

It takes very little.

I needed a small piece of napkin, paper towel, or cloth.  Any size would work.  I usually used a piece of paper towel about 3 in X 3 in.  Paper towel was more absorbent, which was a plus.  I made it this size so that I could fold it several times to keep the food from soaking through.  I could also then just throw it away when I was done with it. 



Before I sat down,  I had any medication or supplements I was currently taking next to me.  This also would apply for any homeopathic remedy. 

I sat in my chair and didn’t get up again.  I took a piece of paper towel or whatever I was using and rubbed it on all the different types of materials in my environment.  I would rub my plate.  If it was a decorative plate – touch all colors of the pattern.  Rub the utensils I was going to be using.

To rub my glass or cup, since I was going to be needing a tiny drop of the drink, I would take a sip and then wipe the rim with my paper towel to get the surface and the drink at the same time.    

plate, napkin, silverware, and supplements on a table

Now time to rub the other stuff. Now I would rub my chair back and seat if different materials, as well as, the table leg and table top. I would also feel under the tabletop. Some tables have exposed particle board and glue.

EVERYTHING that was on my plate needed to go in the napkin.  Just a trace amount.  A grain of salt, pepper, spice flake.  The size of a comma of each food ingredient.  Smash a corner of the vegetables with your fork and rub it on your paper towel.  All of it combined was probably less than 1/16 of a tsp. of food.  It doesn’t take much.

Be Brave Enough to Take One More Try

I know it sometimes hurts when hoping for something to finally work when struggling with health challenges.  But I want to give you hope anyway.  



  • Have all medication & supplements on the table next to where I was going to eat
  • Rub all services with paper towel piece
    • Table
    • Chair
    • Plate
    • Glass
    • Silverware
  • Place a small sample of all ingredients & drink in the paper towel


  • Eat with other people
  • Eat during weak meridian clocks
  • Get out of your seat


In the beginning, eating with other people just threw WAY too many factors into the already complicated equation.  I would eat by myself.  (Well, just me with all my supplements cluttering the table.) 

I would then sit and just drink with my family at their mealtime.

I knew I had problems with my small intestines.  So, I needed to make sure I avoided eating during that meridian clock and one hour before it began.  This enabled my body to target healing that area instead of wasting its time digesting during that important time window. 

chart titled meridian clock guide, 5 to 7 am, large intestines; 7 to 9, stomach; 9 to 11, spleen; 11 to 1pm, heart; 1 to 3, small intestines; 3 to 5, bladder; 5 to 7, kidney; 7 to 9, pericardium (heart constrictor); 9 to 11, triple warmer (immune system); 11 to 1 am, gall bladder, 1 to 3, liver; and 3 to 5 am, lung.
salad, restaurant, meal



This was when I would fold up the paper towel several times to contain the contents.  I would then place the package inside my sock.  It usually needed to be on the right inner ankle area.  This was my weakest spot.  One of my sons always needed to put it on his left ankle. So, it probably depended on the area of the body that needed the help the most.  Not sure.  Possibly. 

This package would then need to stay in my energy field between 2-48 hours.  Always 48 hours in the beginning.  Gradually decreasing to 2 hours, then 30 minutes, then not at all!

a stopwatch in the palm of a hand

By staying in one place for 20-30 mins, my environment stayed the same.  Less factors. I did not want to add in more factors if I didn’t need to. Changing my environment, meant changing my energy fields.  Through trial and error I learned that ten and multiples of ten were the secret number for waiting here. 

It began with 30 minutes in the beginning.  It gradually tapered down to ten.  For anyone though, healthy or not, 20 minutes was probably ideal. 

What if…this was why we are supposed to take our time eating?

What if…it wasn’t how fast we ate that was the problem, but not giving our body’s enough time to ‘cancel’ the energy fields?

WHILE …  I Ate.


  • Stash your paper towel of items in your sock
  • Stay in your seat for 20-30 minutes
  • Avoid having anything change your environment during this time (people, pets, objects)


  • Eat everything on your plate


I needed to slide to the side of my plate, just a trace amount of each item on my plate.  I was going to need it for the next step.  This was in addition to the other sample of food I had already placed into my sock.

Be Brave Enough to Take One More Try

I know it sometimes hurts when hoping for something to finally work when struggling with health challenges.  But I want to give you hope anyway.  

salad, fruits, berries



Analyzing the Situation

Was I craving more of a specific food on my plate?  If so, I placed the craved food in a separate piece of cloth. It would be something I would need to keep near me (less than 12 inches away) for the next 4-20 days. Yes, that was a long time.  Trace amount was all that was needed. 

It was okay for me to switch the food out regularly with some fresh food of the same type.  I didn’t want to be holding onto rotting food.  If it was something I didn’t buy very often, I would cut or separate it into several small samples and freeze them so they would be available for the switch out when needed.

I would switch it out at least every five days.  It depended on what it was.  But I definitely did NOT want it to get moldy!

With this target food in mind, I needed to make two mental lists. 

1. Associations with This Food

The first list needed to answer several questions.  When did I eat this food in my past, where did I eat this food, what did I eat this food with?  This was providing my body with any missing information it may have been looking for. (click here for explanation)

My body was being reprogrammed to remember something it may have forgotten about. 

memory, consideration, consider

Be Brave Enough to Take One More Try

I know it sometimes hurts when hoping for something to finally work when struggling with health challenges.  But I want to give you hope anyway.  

2. Nutrients in This Food

The second list was what nutrients, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, collagen, etc. was in this food. Were any of those in other foods I was allergic to? This helped to narrow it down quicker. I would then muscle test for the main nutrient being needed.

Once the nutrient was identified, I needed to ‘hold’ it for 50 hours.  It would need to be in a certain place on my body.  I taped it on.  This certain place varied.  But what was consistent was that for 25 hours, it would need to be on a particular organ.  For the next 25 hours, it would need to be on the meridian that corresponded with that organ. 

Bare in mind, the human body has twelve meridians and two main vessels.  It takes time.

medicine, pills, blood pressure
Take My Recommended Supplements, etc.

If there were any supplements or medication I needed to take on a full stomach, I would wait the magical ten minutes after I finished eating to take them.  I would take them before getting up from my seat.

 AFTER …  I Ate.


  • Evaluate my food
  • Take another sample if needed
  • Identify associations with the food
  • Determine the nutrient that was the issue
  • Wait 10 minutes before taking the recommended pills


  • Eat anything for the next 4 hours
  • Drink anything other than water for the next 4 hours


At this point, I would go about my normal day.  Remember: Every where I went, my environment was changing. I was being exposed to different energy fields.  By doing this, I was ‘growing’ my batch to include everything I encountered. 

So to optimize the success of this batch, I would not eat or drink anything other than water for the next 4 hours.  Not even gum or licking my fingers if making something.  Nothing.

4 key take-aways, 1. stay put for 20 minutes, 2. everything is a factor, 3. I am manually sorting, 4. it takes time
Yes, there is a catch.   
It is simple, but not easy.


It is believed that gluten and casein sensitivities never really go away.  Mine are gone. 
My anaphylactic reaction to red wine and peanut butter are gone as well. 
My biggest allergy of all was egg.  TOTALLY gone now.  It took six years, but SO WHAT. Mission accomplished!

The protocol I shared with you was just the beginning of eliminating my food allergies.  I also needed to apply the concept of DISH to all areas of my life.  Once I stopped gaining allergies, I ONLY FOCUSED on maintaining this level for the next six months.  Then as I learned more, I applied my ideas to myself.  What did I have to lose?  But what did surprise me was that I started to systematically eliminate all allergies, food and environmental.

As I mentioned before, this is not medical advice.  Talk to your doctor.  I’m just sharing my experience with you so that you could have something more to ask your doctor about. 

This idea of DISH is new and NOT proven.  Your doctor will most likely raise his or her eyebrow about it.  I wouldn’t blame him/her, but maybe not.  I just want to say that when I assumed DISH was true and worked with it, I regained my health.

Maybe, We don’t know WHAT we don’t know, yet?

Be Brave Enough to Take One More Try

I know it sometimes hurts when hoping for something to finally work when struggling with health challenges.  But I want to give you hope anyway.  

Cyndi Whatif
Cyndi Whatif

I am a patient turned author and guide. I share my hypothesis of an overlooked complementary body system which I believe determines whether or not a person has the opportunity to be well.

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