Possible Problem Creating My Health Challenges

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If you haven’t viewed How it Works, you might want to read it before this page. 

What if it is NOT about Life Style Choices?

In the United States, according to Center for Disease Control and Prevention, (CDC)

6 out of 10 adults
have a chronic disease


4 in 10 have 2 or more!

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CDC also said many chronic diseases are caused by a short list of risk behaviors. 

  • Tobacco use and exposure to secondhand smoke
  • Poor nutrition
  • Lack of physical activity
  • Excessive alcohol use

This is where I get confused...

Outside of my college years, my life consisted of rarely being around any smokers, nor smoking myself.  I hadn’t touched a drop of alcohol for over twenty years.  In spite of being continually tired, I believed it was very important to get exercise and the exercise should be outdoors whenever possible. I was continually active outdoors.  Shoot, I wore out three jogger/bike trailers with my kids.   

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My family and I were very conscientious about this as well.  We had a few basic rules we followed.
Rules we followed for over 20 years.

  1. If at all possible, no packaging.
  2. No more than five ingredients on the label.
  3. Be able to pronounce and know what all the ingredients were.
  4. The opposite of what is called the Standard American Diet.
  5. Avoid all food allergies.

In our math and science classes, we were taught that if something could be disproved once, then it isn’t the truth! 

Well, I disproved it.  I’m sure there are many others as well who have tried to follow the rules of health to no success. 

So if 2 +2 is ever proven to be equal to something other than four, then it is no longer a true statement.  Right?

If these lifestyle choices didn’t help, are they really the reason for the problems? What are we missing? We don’t know what we don’t know. 

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What if Something Else was to Blame?

Be Brave Enough to Take One More Try

I know it sometimes hurts when hoping for something to finally work when struggling with health challenges.  But I want to give you hope anyway.  

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2 Main Things

For me, after many years of trial and error, I was able to narrow down my health problems to two main things: 

missing information & misinformation

What if one of these or a combination of these was more of a contributor than life style choices? 

I’m not saying dump healthy living.  Healthy eating and healthy living are some of life’s great joys.  Isn’t it one of the reasons we try to be healthy?  So we can enjoy our bodies?  I so missed biking and martial arts back when I was at my worst.  I missed being able to bite into a big juicy apple while sitting on my front porch watching my kids play. 

Yes, I was even allergic to apples.

1. How was my body missing information?

There was a disconnect.

This disconnect could have been caused by injury and/or low serotonin.

For either case, the disconnect I am referring to is when the small gap between two neurons is unable to be used to transfer the information to each other.  

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Through a series of events I mentioned earlier (When Did I Learn), I chose to research low serotonin.

I found out there was a ton of information on the internet about it.  Information to tell you what it does and doesn’t do.  How to increase it, why it is low, how some illnesses cause it. 

Some said  it is the source of depression while others said it was the by-product of depression. 

The  lists went on and on.  Don’t take my word for it. I encourage you to look for yourself. 

However, after filtering through all of those debates,
I noticed two camps.  What did both camps agree on? 

I came up with two main points.

 A.    Serotonin is used to transmit messages between nerve cells. (communicating)


B.    Healthy Serotonin Levels=Better Learning and Memory


Gearing myself up with the information that was common ground, I stepped outside of the box. 

Could I be missing something here?

Be Brave Enough to Take One More Try

I know it sometimes hurts when hoping for something to finally work when struggling with health challenges.  But I want to give you hope anyway.  

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Neuroplasticity, broadly speaking, is the ability for the brain to reprogram itself after an injury.  The stories we have all heard about involving brain surgery and people recovering against all odds, those recoveries are because of neroplasticity. 

Different parts of the brain learn to take over the job that the damaged part of the brain is no longer able to do.  Interesting, here we have communicating and learning.  Is it possible that my organs aren’t communicating with each other? Or that they forgot what they were supposed to do?  Insane. Right? 

I do recall at one point my leg didn’t receive the message my brain sent it to take a step forward.  I was walking across the kitchen floor when my right foot failed to realize it was its turn again.  It didn’t move.  I fell flat to the ground.  I was so glad I wasn’t holding my baby at the time! 

Could it be possible for the detox organs to be in the same situation?  My lab tests said my organs were working properly.  Were they not getting the signal?  It sure felt like it. 

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2. How was my body receiving mis-information?

There was a breakdown.

I want you to imagine we have an invisible shield around us. I call this shield D.I.S.H.©

D.I.S.H.© stands for Defensive Individual Shield Hypothesis.  This shield has two jobs.  

The malfunctioning of this shield was the root cause of my problems.  

Be Brave Enough to Take One More Try

I know it sometimes hurts when hoping for something to finally work when struggling with health challenges.  But I want to give you hope anyway.  

Performs Two Tasks

What is D.I.S.H.© ?

Energy fields are another one of those topics that when searching on the internet you will see advocates who are for and advocates who are equally opposed to the idea of it effecting people. I ignored the spiritual arguments that tended to be brought up with this subject of people having energy fields around themselves.

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I looked at the definitions of energy and magnetism to see if, indeed, we could possibly have a field around us. If so, what could that mean?

A) Everything is made of energy.

This is such common knowledge that we had hammered into our heads in school science classes that sometimes we don’t even see it when it is right in front of our eyes. 

 But in summary, this was found on


“Chetan Pandey, BS-MS Physics & Mathematics,

Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Pune (2022)

Atoms do not have to get energy from somewhere, because they are energy!!

Atoms do not have to get energy from somewhere, because they are energy!!

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So... EVERYTHING is made up of atoms. Everything has energy.

This might be hard to swallow, but it’s true.  

Einstein proposed that mass and energy are two sides of the same coin.  Mass can convert into energy and vice-versa.

In reality, all matter we see is a manifestation of energy. 

Matter is nothing but hyper condensed energy, and this energy can vibrate at different frequencies, giving rise to fundamental forces based on the vibrational patterns.

This is what the string theory describes as a “string”.”

B) Does everything have magnetism too?


“The motion of electrically charged particles gives rise to magnetism….
All materials experience magnetism, some more strongly than others.”

many paperclips attracted to a magnet

We are made up of atoms, and atoms are electrically charged particles, therefore have some magnetism.

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https://energyeducation.ca/encyclopedia/Electromagnetic_force has a very good quick video explaining electromagnetic force.

C) Is D.I.S.H.© a possible magnetic field?

In The Geology Book by Dr. John D. Morris, on page 8, it states, 

    "The invisible magnetic field around the earth is a result of the earth having an iron core, in much the same way that an iron bar magnet produces a magnetic field."

    We need iron in our blood to live.  We have, so to speak, an iron core?

    Not sure if indeed we do have an electromagnetic force around us, but let’s look at it like a court of law would.  We have to have no reasonable doubt before we can conclude there isn’t one.  Well, I have reasonable doubt. 

    It looked to me like it was possible to have a magnetic energy field around ourselves.

    Not only people, but all things.

    Well, at least everything made up of atoms. (wink, wink)

    Be Brave Enough to Take One More Try

    I know it sometimes hurts when hoping for something to finally work when struggling with health challenges.  But I want to give you hope anyway.  

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    Job #1 of D.I.S.H.©
    Shield the Body

    In The Geology Book by Dr. John D. Morris, again on page 8, it states, 

    “Even though we only know about them from theory, it does appear that electrical currents flowing in the outer core’s conductive metal generate the earth’s magnetic field. 

    This is extremely important because the magnetic field shields the earth

    from harmful radiation coming from the sun and stars. 

    Without it, life would be completely impossible on planet Earth.”

    > So, this magnetic field protects the earth by causing rays from the sun to deflect off of it.

    > On a smaller scale, would having an energy field around you help protect you from being bombarded by harmful things as well? A type of force field so to speak.

    A properly working D.I.S.H.© would repel weaker energy fields than the one we are giving off. 

    When this repelling fails to happen, the body is compromised. The energy fields penetrate our energy field. 

    Is it possible that when this happens, energy fields become combined?  If so?  Does that even matter? 

    What if this D.I.S.H.© had a frequency to it?

    To understand how this might be, let’s take a look at some things that are on the surface of our skin. 

    Could these things be creating a frequency that is beneficial to the body? 

    bacteria, bacterium, microbiology

    1. Healthy skin has bacteria on it.


    “May 28, 2009 —
    Your skin is crawling with hundreds of kinds of bacteria, NIH researchers find. There are up to 100 times more kinds of bacteria thriving in “vibrant communities” in healthy skin than previously known, report NIH researcher Elizabeth A. Grice, PhD, and colleagues at the National Human Genome Research Institute.”

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    2. We sweat. There are almost no toxins in sweat.


    “The authors of the correspondence published in the journal Environmental International suggest the amount of toxins the body is capable of releasing through sweat is minuscule, …

    According to the lead author, a typical person doing 45 minutes of high-intensity exercise could sweat a total of 2 liters each day, including normal everyday perspiration.

    This sweat would contain less than one-tenth of a nanogram (one billionth of a gram) of the pollutants discussed. Hence, he believes there is no way to sweat enough to get rid of even 1 percent of the chemicals you ingest in your food in a single day.”

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    3. Excess fluid (lymph) goes to the surface of the skin.


    Our kidneys and liver filter our blood and the lymphatic system grabs up toxins in the body to enable the body to fight those foreign bodies. The excess lymph then exits the body through the skin.​

    What can effect the lymphatic system?

    • viruses
    • bacteria
    • blockage
    • parasites
    • radiation
    • surgery

    (Bike Analogy Speak: What can make the chain fall off the gears?)

    Consider These Possibilites

    • What if this coating of bacteria on our skin and the 1/10 of a nanogram of toxins sweated out on our skin created a frequency in this magnetic field around us?
    • What if like all things in nature, there comes a point of saturation where the lymphatic system and those organs can only do so much.
    • What if when this fluid in our body gets “backed up”, this D.I.S.H.© frequency is no longer able to adjust as needed.   Then what?  

    Be Brave Enough to Take One More Try

    I know it sometimes hurts when hoping for something to finally work when struggling with health challenges.  But I want to give you hope anyway.  

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    Job #2 of D.I.S.H.©
    Sort What the Body Encounters

    What if this D.I.S.H.© frequency acted like a sorting system?

    This is a little more complicated to explain. It took me many years to realize what was going on.  I am still trying to wrap my head around how it works. But basically, what if the frequency of this DISH acted like a sorting system?  How?

    What if this coating of bacteria on our skin and the one-tenth of a nanogram of toxins sweated out on our skin create, so to speak, a protective energy field around us?

    What if it is like a math equation?  The skin is the equal sign.  If the substance is in your body and on your body, they cancel each other.  By cancelling, the body doesn’t need to process them.  We know healthy people sweat… 

    What if  when the lymphatic system is overburdened, the excess lymph that usually comes to the surface of the skin is unable to?  What if this is what causes the breakdown? 

    Explaining with a Car Analogy

    body, blood circulation, aterien

    First, picture if you will, your circulatory system.  More specifically, the end of your circulatory system.  This is where the blood capillaries are.  These blood capillaries have tiny gaps between their cells that allow fluid, but not blood,  to escape the circulatory system.  I guess you could kind of look at it like it is a soaker hose.  Fluid is flowing through the hose, but it is also leaking out of it all along the way.  When this fluid escapes, it needs to go some place.  Generally speaking, it has to either get reabsorbed or exit the body.  (This is where the ‘coating’ that makes the frequency on our skin comes from.)  Let’s say this ‘soaker hose’ is a super road.  Let’s also pretend this fluid is cars.  When these cars leave this super road, they are going onto a busy highway in the middle of a big city.  Exit ramps are everywhere.  Cars going in every direction.  

    Now, I would like you to imagine all these cars being different colors.  Blue cars, green cars, red cars, and yellow cars.  Imagine also these exit ramps.  However, in this imaginary world, each ramp is a designated color.  These colored cars can only exit at their designated color of ramp.  Red cars can only exit the red ramp.  Blue cars can only exit the blue ramp, so on and so forth.  If the car is a color that does not have a ramp that corresponds to it, it gets redirected to the Lymphatic side road. 

    architecture, buildings, cars

    There is a traffic guard at the entrance to this side road.  His job is to control the amount of traffic on the side road.  He only allows so many cars through at a time. 

    There is also a rear guard stationed at this same side road.  The rear guard’s job is to decide if the passengers in these cars are beneficial to the system and allowed to reenter.  If the passengers are harmful, they are not allowed to reenter. 

    good, bad, opposite

    Everything runs smoothly until rush hour (a sickness/chemical overburdens the system) or until a ramp becomes blocked (parasites/injury/etc.).   Now more traffic has to be diverted to this ‘side road’.  Cars are starting to back up.  There is a traffic jam.  (The lymph nodes may become swollen.)  Now the exit ramps AND side road are both getting backed up.  The road system becomes saturated.  It can’t handle anymore.  Nobody is going anywhere.  Something  needs to be done to get the traffic moving again.  Damage control begins.

    The traffic guard at the entrance to the side road informs the passengers of these cars that only so many vehicles are  allowed to pass in a given amount of time.  So, some people abandon their vehicles to car pool with other people.  It gets the traffic flowing again.  But…

    The problem here is that some Bad Guys might hop into the same car as a Good Guy. 

    When this car gets to the end of this side road, there is the second guard.  This guard shines the flashlight into the car and looks around.  He sees the Bad Guy and informs all passengers, good or bad, that this car is not allowed to reenter the system. 

    The Good Guy must be rejected with theBad Guy.  

    auto, exit, drive

    Be Brave Enough to Take One More Try

    I know it sometimes hurts when hoping for something to finally work when struggling with health challenges.  But I want to give you hope anyway.  

    bodyworn, body camera, police body camera

    However, if the rear guard has been rejecting this car for too long, there will be a shortage of Good Guys. This is bad as well.  The body MUST have a given number of Good Guys to get the job done.  So what happens?  The head office will give an executive order to allow the Bad Guy to reenter the system.  He is now one of the Good Guys, but not really.  This causes nothing but trouble.  But, the head office considers it a necessary evil to keep the system running. 

    So, whether it is the accepting of the Bad Guy or the rejecting of the Good Guy, both are bad news.  Both are false information.  Either information might get programmed into the so called system now.  But to keep it simple, let’s just look at when the Good Guy is the one being rejected. Because the car has been banned (not the passengers), any vehicle matching that description will also be banned.  Think of your favorite cop or detective movie, a BOLO (Be On the Look Out) has been made for the car.  They don’t care who is driving it.  This guilt by association has now made the passengers in the car an enemy to the system.  The traffic jam that caused this problem in the first place (the swollen lymph nodes) may go away, but the false information (mis-information) is still circulating that this particular car is not allowed to reenter. 


    The Good Guy needs to prove he is NOT associated with the Bad Guy.  

    The only way the Good Guy will be able to correct this mis-understanding is by giving the guards some new information.  This Good Guy needs to prove he is not associated with this Bad Guy.  

    This is accomplished by making new off ramps to make the flow of traffic more effective.  These Good Guys are then able to avoid the side road.  They are able to avoid being forced to stay in their car pool vehicle.  They are able to avoid being rejected.  The Bad Guy ends up taking the side road by himself and is caught and removed. 

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    So when this saturation occurred, the body was no longer able to adjust these exit ramps to do what was needed to keep the traffic moving.  When this ‘coating’ (the adjuster) on my body was missing, the off ramps were blocked.  This caused the traffic jam in the lymphatic system.  This in turn caused a break down in the sorting system. 

    For example, my body was unable to separate the bad Strontium 90 (Camp Lejeune water poisoning) from the good strontium the body needed to function properly.  It was rejecting both!  (Is this what is happening with autoimmune diseases?)  No matter how much Strontium I took, I still did not have enough for my body system to function properly.  The Good Strontium needed to stop being associated with the Bad Strontium.  They needed to be independent of each other.  Once I trained my body to recognize the difference between the two types of strontium, taking the strontium supplements brought the levels back up to normal.  I then needed to take the supplements only for a short period of time.  I now no longer need to take strontium! 

    cartoon demon and angel looking at each other

    How did I make the Good Strontium independent of the Bad Strontium?  I created a new ‘off ramp’ for the Good Strontium to take.  By doing this, my body stopped rejecting The Good with The Bad. 

    How did I make this new ramp?  The very simplified answer was holding good strontium in my energy field.  (It was way more complicated than this, but do you get the picture?)

    I know there are several holes in this analogy, but it is the best way I could come up with to explain it for now. 

    I’ll probably never totaling understand why it works, but I do know it DID work. Over and over again, it worked.

    If that IS the problem, can it be fixed?

    Be Brave Enough to Take One More Try

    I know it sometimes hurts when hoping for something to finally work when struggling with health challenges.  But I want to give you hope anyway.  

    Cyndi Whatif
    Cyndi Whatif

    I am a patient turned author and guide. I share my hypothesis of an overlooked complementary body system which I believe determines whether or not a person has the opportunity to be well.

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