Staying Healthy: How I Dodged Sickness while My Whole Household Battled an Illness

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We are a large family of eight—though two don’t currently live with us. They live in another part of town but are in our home daily. Because of that, I have included them in this story/blog post as well. I will be sharing with you my working hypothesis. If you think we already know everything we need to know about the human body, read no further. If you think we might not know what we don’t know, this post will intrigue you.

Be Brave Enough to Take One More Try

I know it sometimes hurts when hoping for something to finally work when struggling with health challenges.  But I want to give you hope anyway.  

Family Illness throughout the Household

When my kids were much younger, they were quick to point their fingers and be upset at whoever the ground zero patient was. Whoever condemned the family to the inevitable miserable week of being sick that was to follow, wondering when and who the next one would be. It seemed like no matter how much sanitizing and isolating of the patient we did, in close quarters with eight bodies, it’s almost always a guarantee, everyone, no matter how careful, will get the bug that is sweeping through the household.

On this recent particular occasion, three things were different:

  1. Children were much older and were more understanding of how patient zero did not bring this curse onto the household on purpose.
  2. Two of my adult children didn’t live with us anymore but had spent the day with us.
  3. I have been researching on my own for over a decade this concept I’ve named Defensive Individual Shield Hypothesis (DISH). A summary of DISH here.

For this particular illness, whatever it was, it came on strong and fast. The victims would be abominably ill withing the first 30-60 minutes of feeling the slightest twinge in their stomachs—both ends dumping fluids from their bodies. Down and writhing for most of the time.

The two adult children left for their own homes the moment the bug chose its first prey. One was ill within minutes of arriving at his own domicile while the other waited until the following morning before reporting in as being succumbed to the illness as well.

Within 8 hours of my husband going to bed from it, everyone in the household was sick, except me. I waited for my turn, but it never came. The funny part was as time went by; my teenagers were thinking I was withholding information from them is why I did not get sick.

A person feeling sick holding up his hands to imply stop

Why I Don’t Think I Became Sick

Allow me to elaborate, in 2009 I was given a life expectancy of 12 to 18 months. When this happened, I went “off script” in search for a better answer. It wasn’t the diet, exercise, healthful lifestyle either. I was already doing that. If you were to ask the people around me, they would probably be more likely to say I went cuckoo.

But that’s okay. I have since stayed alive (for one thing) and removed many food and environmental allergies. My mission now is to share my hypothesis of what I think may be going on with our health that we aren’t aware of—this will tie into why I don’t think I became ill.

I believe everyone has a DISH (Defensive Individual Shield Hypothesis). Because of this, I think there are two types of people.

  1. A person with a working DISH—protecting and sorting is automatic. (DISH’s two jobs)
  2. A person with a faulty DISH—protecting and sorting is NOT automatic.

I believe my long-term health challenges were brought on by my DISH at some point in my life stopped working properly. This is the long-term effects of a malfunctioning DISH. But what are the short-term effects?

My family and I have been fortunate enough to not have a household illness go sweeping through for a very long time. Since I was manually making my DISH daily to correct my autoimmune condition, I wondered if this manual DISH would also protect me if I was confronted with an acute illness. Would I need to worry about the illness causing my DISH to falter?

Just before the whole household took ill with this illness, I was contemplating if the symptom of an illness was because of the loss of Good Guys the body needed. If the loss didn’t occur, did the symptoms not occur? Was this why some people can be asymptomatic—present no symptoms? These were just questions I was asking myself at this time.

I had been doing this manual DISH making for years on myself. So obviously I was doing this before and during this household illness. In a nutshell, all it really was boiled down to is the belief that during times of acute inflammation, the body has a sorting system that is at risk of glitching—messing up the sorting process of removing Bad Guys and keeping Good Guys. When it does, the body loses the Good Guys  it needs. The absence of these Good Guys causes the body to fail to function properly. Is this when symptoms occur?

For me, since I was making a manual DISH, the DISH was unable to “break down.” I didn’t have any symptoms of this illness.

I do understand the virus, or whatever Bad Guy it is, does cause the illness, but what about the degree of symptoms being different? Or absent altogether? Is it more than what we currently know? If we aren’t willing to ask different questions, we may not find more answers.

A person feeling sick holding up his hands to imply stop

How I Avoided It and Helped Sick Family Members

One of my son’s symptoms were significantly more extreme than the other members of the family. He would cough uncontrollably. At one point he said he couldn’t breathe (his words) at the end of the coughing fit. This happened around 2 or 3 in the morning. He came and told me what was going on. We immediately went to work manually making his DISH. And yes, he was breathing at this time and if this didn’t work, I would have taken him to the emergency room.

DISH is simple, yet complicated. But the nice thing about DISH is that you don’t have to completely understand it to benefit from it. With this infographic in mind, I wanted to focus on DISH’s second job. The job that, I believe, sometimes temporarily halts during acute inflammation.

I will spare the details here of how I think it worked. You can find that information in my book, Health Backwards: An Original Look from a Different Perspective. But for now, I’m just going to tell you what I did. I started off with three assumptions.

DISH is a concept and term I came up with. It has two jobs. 1. Shield the body 2. Sort what the Body Encounters When DISH is doing its job, I am winning against my health challenges. When it is NOT doing its job, I am losing. It's that simple. (But it's not that easy. But then again, autoimmune diseases aren't easy either.)

He needed to be the strongest energy field

We got away from the electricity in the house. We grabbed the camping cot and took it outside. It helped a little. However, he only felt like he could breathe if I was sitting next to him. I know, some people may be thinking, “Aw he just wanted his mom.” Maybe, but what it told me is that he needed my DISH. (my energy field) My manual DISH consisted of holding supplements in my pocket or some other area on my body. Doing this was applying one of the DISH’s principles. It allowed the Good Guys to not be grabbed up with the Bad Guys. This simple thing allowed the body to do what it was meant to do.

We wanted to aid his body in sorting

My homeopath had told me many years ago that the kidneys controlled the lungs. Because of this, I placed many mineral supplements (kidneys need minerals) around him on the cot. I also placed a virus detox remedy and a few other items that I was holding that I thought he might need as well. His symptoms stopped within twenty minutes, and he did not throw up or have loose stools again.

We wanted his body to keep fighting this Bad Guy

My first son did notice that stepping away from these supplement containers, even if just to go to the restroom to relieve himself, made him immediately start feeling sick and coughing again. He voluntarily chose to stay outside for half the day. When he felt well enough to try coming inside, we had him put the supplements in his pockets as well.

I know. Crazy. But not really if you know what I know. If you are curious to see what this aiding looks like, I also did it for a rescue kitten. You could see a video of the difference it makes at https://cyndiwhatif.com/moxie.

A person feeling sick holding up his hands to imply stop


What I am saying here is that, yes, the chronic inflammation is present during these problems. But just because it is present doesn’t mean it is the source of the problem. I believe it is just the warning light of something else going wrong. Something which occurred during the time of acute inflammation. Something fixable. Manually correcting my DISH for myself makes the chronic inflammation go away.

Research for yourself. You will find there is much talk of acute inflammation preceding the onset of chronic inflammation.

Be Brave Enough to Take One More Try

I know it sometimes hurts when hoping for something to finally work when struggling with health challenges.  But I want to give you hope anyway.  

Cyndi Whatif
Cyndi Whatif

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