When Did I Learn: Time & Experiences

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Emergency Room Visit

I had been really struggling with my health for about three years at this time. 

I was still trying to do what everyone else was telling me to do. 

Something still wasn’t right.  But, after a week of severe vertigo, I was beyond frustrated.  By the end of that week, my right leg was shaking violently and involuntarily.  It would be followed by screaming. 

Sounds were coming out of my mouth that I didn’t even know I could make.  I felt that if I stopped screaming, I would stop breathing.  Stop living.

I guess you could say it was like the spirit cry of giving your all in a martial arts class.  It felt like I was giving my all, to stay alive.  I felt no emotions with the screaming. 

Why won't you believe me? Why won't you Help me?

But afterwards, I felt fear of not understanding what was happening to me.  Where is this screaming coming from and why can’t I stop it? 

As soon as it came, it left.  But then it repeated the cycle.  Leg shakes.  Scream.  Rest.  Repeat.

I wanted it to stop.  I felt so alone.

I was taken to the emergency room. I wanted help. 

  • I wanted my leg to stop involuntarily shaking.
  • I wanted the random bouts of shortness of breath to go away.
  • I wanted the unending vertigo of the past week to stop.
  • I did not want the screaming to return. 

But, they could find nothing wrong with me.

Nothing!? Really? This is NORMAL!!??

I had a mild fever. I also had barely low serotonin. But because of the low serotonin, the doctors concluded I had a panic attack. They ignored the fact that serotonin levels sometimes drop when someone is battling an illness. 

I was furious! The ER doctor even said he didn’t think my serotonin was low enough to warrant what he was observing, but he figured it was a starting point. 

A starting point with unfair ramifications. It seemed once I was labelled with a panic attack, it was like I was labelled with an inability to mentally take care of myself. 

The doctor started talking over me and directing everything towards my husband. It is like I wasn’t even in the room. It is like they had decided I was mentally unstable. 

upset, mad, skeptical
You Have Got to Be Kidding Me!

Yes, I kept telling them that I felt like I was very toxic.

Their replies were that nobody could be THAT toxic.  I just needed to calm down.

Really? We didn’t know yet that I may have been effected by Camp Lejeune’s well poisoning.

There were also other factors we didn’t yet know about.  

We didn’t know what we didn’t know. 

Be Brave Enough to Take One More Try

I know it sometimes hurts when hoping for something to finally work when struggling with health challenges.  But I want to give you hope anyway.  

medicine, capsule, blue

Okay. Fine.

Downcast, I complied. I took their medicine for a month. 

I cried for a month.

I seriously considered giving up. Stop trying to stay alive. (Do not confuse this with taking my life. I never thought about doing that. It was more of a ‘give up fighting’ because it was an exhausting battle and I was tired.)

The doctor wanted me to give the medication time to work and upped my doses. I felt myself getting worse by the day. Why should I be surprised? This too was not working for me. How could it?

It was the worst month of my life. I think I slept less than 20 hours the entire month! 

Pity party over. Brush off. Stand up.

Now what?

When something goes wrong, or when something does not go as we hope or plan, we can sulk or we can learn from the experience. 

In order for me to keep moving forward, I needed to believe everything happened for a reason

Why did I need to go to the Emergency Room? (besides the obvious) I needed to look for something I could have learned only by going there. What could that have been?

Going a Different Path

I decided to ask myself what is serotonin? What does low serotonin do? (Click here to see what I learned about low serotonin.)

Among other things, I found out low serotonin hindered learning and memory. This led me to wonder if my body forgot what to do. Not possible. Right?

Well it did! It was missing information. 

The most amazing part was that I was able to fix it! (How I Fixed It.)

Once I fixed this break down in my body, I stopped my medication. I didn’t tell anybody what I was doing. My leg stopped shaking. The screaming and crying bouts stopped. I could sleep!

A month later, my husband commented how the medicine seemed to be working well. I came clean and told him I hadn’t been taking it. He wanted me to go back on it. I refused. 

This is when I drew my line in the sand. I was not going to follow known medical advice or procedures blindly anymore. 

I officially stepped off the path. I was going to blaze a new trail. 

Because just filling in this missing information did so much, I knew something about my health was being missed. 

I needed to find what that was. I knew I needed a new trail. 

While blazing this new trail, I started a procedure I named AFTER™, Altering Fields to Enable Recovery. This procedure was my way of holding back the tide. 

I didn’t know why it was working. I just knew it was. It was buying me time. 

My procedure was a way of adjusting my surroundings to my advantage. 

Be Brave Enough to Take One More Try

I know it sometimes hurts when hoping for something to finally work when struggling with health challenges.  But I want to give you hope anyway.  

graphic, yuck smiley, yuck

I was shocked when I started seeing physical evidence of this AFTER™ working! By doing this seemingly meaningless and harmless procedure, I was suddenly overcome with nausea and loose stools. I passed a bunch of intestinal parasites!

Over the next few months, I started expelling parasites from my skin! Gross!! Lymphatic parasites. Parasites my family and I had been infected with when we were stationed in Turkey over 30 years ago! (We only received one round of medicine to kill them off. Evidently that wasn’t enough.)

I wasn’t even trying to target parasites with my procedure! But this procedure allowed me to start removing these parasites when nothing else did. 

In the past, for three straight years, I had tried parasite cleanse after parasite cleanse, just in case that was my problem. I had little to no results, ever.  But now, they were coming out in dozens of places on my body!

I suspected my AFTER™ had something to do with the lymphatic system.

Was this AFTER™ thing I was doing manually doing what the lymphatic system was suppose to do? Were these lymphatic parasites getting in the way of the lymphatic system doing their job?

Camp Lejeune’s water poisoning was also known to cause problems with people’s lymphatic system.  Hmm? So, I guess I received a double dose of issues for my lymphatic system. Was this the problem?

woman, question mark, person
a graphic stating ?+?=??

Connecting the Dots

The removing of these parasites somehow now made being in front of a computer tolerable in short bursts of time. (Yes, I was sensitive to my computer, television, and cell phone for over three years.)  I started researching.  I found the lymphatic system and immune system were closely connected, but that was about the only information I could find about it. 

Some websites even admitted that they didn’t know how these two independent body systems were connected.  How were they helping each other? 

I upped my game.  I started questioning and digging deeper.  I started wondering how far, or deep, did this go? 

After another three years of this, I realized that my ‘faulty’ lymphatic system was causing my body to reject nutrients, hormones, and the like. Not using up, rejecting. (I’ll explain this here.)

No wonder I was so sick! Could that be fixed? Was I fixing it?

It took some fine tuning, but I am making lots of headway since figuring out this last step.

It kind of brought me around to the common ground between the two philosophies of medicine, Modern and Alternative. 

Both philosophies agree that diet and nutrition are big factors. Could this be a possible additional reason for our nation’s nutritional deficiencies?

What philosophy of medicine due I lean towards?

Be Brave Enough to Take One More Try

I know it sometimes hurts when hoping for something to finally work when struggling with health challenges.  But I want to give you hope anyway.  

Cyndi Whatif
Cyndi Whatif

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